Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hello and thank you for the warm oven welcome.....

This is such a simple recipe that I think it funny to even post but for the fact that many of us have extra potatoes ...We all need something warm to eat and this is so inexpensive to do ..Gama Idell taught me how to to this oh so easy and yummy potato recipe ...

Please forgive me as most of my recipes are from my mind measurements and I really do cook to taste....That is why I have given you all pictures

Pre-Heat Oven to 375ish depends on where you live altitude and all

Take 4 to 6 baking potatoes and cut them up into cubes
(Or the size that makes you happy)
Chop two onions
(What ever kind you have or like)
Now add chopped Garlic
(One clove is good but again your taste is important)
Now mix it all together on the baking sheet coating it all in Olive oil
Season to taste
Salt ---pepper---Paprika
and any other seasons that you like

Place it on the middle rack in the oven turn the potatoes once while cooking about 20 minutes in...then they become a bit brown yet not crunchy....

Voila yummy in the tummy roasted potatoes for all


Laura said...

Mmmm yum! I do love my taters and roast potatoes are my favorite. This is so simple and easy. Sold!

LeaAnne said...

Yummmmm they look great! Thanks for sharing!

Jean said...

yummy! I do mine with butter, but pretty much same way, will have to try with the oil!

Magnolia Memories08 Seeing With The Heart said...

yum yum I could eat the whole pan. This is a wonderful recipe.Also the
Lasgna Soup one. First time to visit.Cute block and I am all about new recipes.
Thanks for sharing.