Friday, November 12, 2010

Cake Balls

1 chocolate cake mix (and ingredients on back of box)
1 tub cherry frosting
2 packages milk chocolate almond bark
1 package white chocolate almond bark (opt.)

Bake cake according to directions on box.
While cake is hot and fresh from oven, mix and mash together with tub of frosting till it's one ooey gooey mess.
Place ooey gooey mess in freezer till completely cold.
Roll ooey gooey mess into one-inch balls.
Melt almond bark.
Roll cake balls in chocolate, covering completely.
Place cake balls on wax paper.
Cut small hole in corner of zip-loc bag and put white chocolate inside bag.
Squeeze white chocolate in zig-zags over the cake balls (I did a really sloppy job because the bag exploded).
Leave cake balls on wax paper until chocolate hardens.

You can potentially use any combination of cake and frosting for this recipe. Chocolate cake with cherry frosting is my favorite. I have also added orange extract to vanilla frosting and used that with chocolate cake. That was scrumptious as well. You can also roll cake balls in white chocolate. Be creative!

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bequi said...

I have been wanting a recipe like this FOREVER.